About Us

University of Campinas (UNICAMP) is a leading Brazilian public university that has attained international recognition for excellence through its innovative approach to higher education.
The Institute of Computing (IC), which celebrated forty years of existence in 2009, was the first academic institution in Brazil to offer a bachelor's degree in Computer Science.

The graduate program started in 1977 and has earned a reputation for providing exceptional higher education. It offers a stimulating learning and research environment for undergraduate and graduate students through a combination of high-level teaching, individual studies, high quality supervision and international opportunities of collaboration with other research centers.

The program is consistently ranked as one of Brazil’s top institutions in providing high-level research, and Master and PhD degrees that carry prestige and professional recognition. Evidence of these facts are over 50 thesis awards, many of which ranked first in the yearly competition promoted by the Brazilian Computer Society (SBC).

The Laboratory of Image Data Science (LIDS) was inaugurated in 2017, but the work of the group has started much earlier.  The LIDS is a suitable environment for interdisciplinary research involving processing, analysis, and visualization of multidimensional image data from all areas of the Sciences and Engineering. Currently, the multidimensional image data come from Biology, Medicine, Geology, and Agriculture. In Computer Science, the team integrates research in image processing, visual analytics, machine learning, and pattern recognition by including the expert as an important part of the machine learning loop. This strategy aims at the design of explainable decision making and decision support systems (e.g., biomedical diagnosis systems), where the machine can make clear its advantages and limitations, and the experts from the involved areas can understand, predict, and rely on the actions of the machine.

Current Professors: Prof. Alexandre Falcão, Prof. Dr. Jancarlo Ferreira Gomes