Image Foresting Transforms: Sequential and Parallel Algorithms

This project investigates sequential and parallel algorithms for the Image Foresting Transform (IFT) and the design of image operators using those algorithms. We are currently interested in superpixel segmentation and multiscale surface and curve skeletons of 3D shapes. We are also investigating a correct implementation of the IFT algorithm in parallel. We aim at assessing the results in all previous image processing operations based on the sequential algorithm, such as distance transforms, skeletonization, segmentation, and filtering. We also intend to build an IFT toolbox in python for education purposes.  


Alexandre Xavier Falcão
Alexandru Telea
Ananda Shankar Chowdhury
Fábio Augusto Menocci Cappabianco
Guido Costa Souza de Araújo
John Edgar Vargas
Paulo A. V. de Miranda
Thiago Vallin Spina